On Driving People to Online Consultations

Have your sayThe trend in recent years towards online consultation with communities is clearly beneficial to the overall process of engaging communities for a number of reasons.

  1. it provides the potential for a wider range of opinions, experiences and ideas to be garnered
  2. It provides a platform for more efficient management of large scale consultation activities
  3. Its easier and more fun for stakeholders than attending community meetings or being badgered on the streets while rushing to a meeting your late for.

(The latter point is, of course, not to say that traditional methods of engagement don’t have huge value. My IAP2 qualifications and experience have taught me of the unique value of many other community participation techniques and I too get frustrated with the current swathe of smegs who preach that online consultation is the only way to engage).

But assuming we are talking solely about reaching new stakeholders through online consultation, what’s the best way of promoting such consultation activities with them? Continue reading