On Product Roadmaps

One of the biggest challenges for a Product Manager is creating, maintaining and communicating the Product Roadmap.

Here’s a great presentation from Janna Bastow from ProdPad from this years ProductTank in London.


Janna Bastow – Guide to Roadmapping from MindTheProduct on Vimeo.


These posts also provide some great ideas:


On UI, UX and the feeling you get when you ride a horse!

I’ve been in a number of conversations recently where a couple of common threads have come up over and over again. At first sight these might seem to  be unrelated but, as I’ll explain later, perhaps not so much.


The first is around the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

The second is the (almost daily) request for a feature (differs per conversation) that we “absolutely must have in product to compete with <insert your competitor of choice here>”.

Let’s tackle the first one first.

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On Cross Agency Processes

I hosted a webinar last week that focused in on the challenges of cross agency processes within the government ecosystem.

It started with a discussion of FIVE common processes that require input from individuals in different organisations; it reviewed FOUR well known roadblocks to making such processes efficient; it then considered THREE lessons from the world outside of government; looked at TWO key trends over the past few years and finally presented ONE solution that is being used by organisations around the globe to deliver real efficiencies (and thus savings) in this area.

I hope you get time to watch it (it’s only 30 minutes) and I’d love your feedback.


On Twitter, LinkedIn and Government 2.0

There was an interesting tweet today from @Sherro58 concerning the relative growth in popularity of Twitter and LinkedIn in Australia. It got me thinking about our experience in the gov2qld community here in Queensland.

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On GovCamp Queensland 2012

I opened GovCamp Queensland with a traditional welcome to country.

For me this was more than just symbolic. I wanted to acknowledge the importance to ancient cultures of storytelling and shared experiences in building and sustaining resilient communities. A message that I feel has somehow been lost in modern conferences but a message that is a key tenet of the GovCamp movement worldwide.

My hope was that GovCamp Queensland would be able to emulate the ‘stories round the camp fire’ approach of ancient cultures.

I wasn’t disappointed.

image courtesy @mattbrisvegas

image courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattmurray74/


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On Hackfest Brisbane and Open Data Competitions

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at the launch of hack::brisbane

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at the launch of hack::brisbane

Last weekend saw the official launch of the hack::brisbane competition by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk during the one day Hackfest Brisbane mini competition.

Both competitions are based on usage of the 50 recently released data sets from Brisbane City Council under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) open license.

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On the Preservation and Record Keeping Aspects of Government 2.0

Gov2 invitation august 2011

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Exciting times for the gov2qld community as we have just welcomed our 400th member to the group and are actively working with practitioners and advocates in other states around Australia to roll out similar Communities of Practice in other locations. More details soon!

The next gov2qld networking event will be held at the headquarters of Queensland Police (full details below). Continue reading

On Beth Noveck’s Visit to Brisbane

Beth Noveck image

Professor Beth Noveck

UPDATE: Unfortunately Beth Noveck has had to cancel this visit due to health reasons. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her here in Brisbane in the near future.

Exciting to see that Professor Beth Noveck is visiting Brisbane on Monday 25th July and will be speaking at a free event organised and hosted by QUT.

Professor Brian Fitzgerald will be joining her in the session where both professors will talk on Government 2.0 – Theory and Practice.

Professor Noveck has been at the forefront of this work in the USA and internationally. Her book Wiki Government provides conceptual depth to the ideas while her leading role in the Peer to Patent Project and most recently The Open Government Initiative (within the US government) have established her as an expert practitioner in the area. Professor Fitzgerald, a member of the Federal Government’s Gov 2.0 Taskforce in 2009, and his research team at QUT have lead international thinking on new models for licensing of public sector information since their discovery in 2004 that Creative Commons licences could be applied to public sector information. His two volume edited collection on Access to Public Sector Information: Law Technology and Policy is a key resource in this area.

Highly recommended to all of the @gov2qld community. More details and RSVP information here.