Untitled_2_keyNet Perceptions provided technology and consulting services to enable multi-channel retailers and other large organisations to deliver targeted marketing campaigns through email, websites and print media.

Based on it’s patented Collaborative Filtering technology, Net Perceptions introduced so-called implicit recommendations to, initially, Amazon – forming the basis of the hugely successful cross sell and up-sell strategies used by them today. Following the success of this, the same technology was licensed to countless e-commerce and knowledge management wesites around the globe.

However, most benefit is achieved when implicit recommendation is combined with, and/or used to enhance, explicit recommendations to form highly personalised online experiences. To provide this capability to clients, Net Perceptions introduced a professional services arm delivering consultancy in this area.


Online personalisation requires both an understanding of users stated preferences and underlying behaviour.

Enabling opportunities for the first (and effectively capturing and analysing the same) is key to enabling effective personalistion. But it costs money and is challenged by anonymous users and cookie-disablement.

Enabling the latter however, avoids these costs and challenges by recording behaviour and comparing that behaviour across vast data sets of similar data.

Delivering measurable outcomes to clients requires advising on and implementation of personalisation strategies as well as comprehensive reporting of results (related to desired business outcomes).

my role

My role at Net Perceptions covered the broad client engagement from new business proposals and pitching (to senior executives within organisations ranging from dotcom startups to large multinationals), through business Analysis to solution design and project management of delivery..

On a number of occasions I was selected take on high profile pre-sales activities in the US (where the organisation was headquartered) despite being part of the separate UK operation.


I was involved in several key projects delivering quantifiable uplift in site visits, stickiness and revenue uplift attributable to personalisation at organisations such as Bertelsmann Online (, Littlewoods, and CDNOW.


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