I guide the development of innovative technology.

Brisbane-based Senior Product Manager passionate about applying innovative technology to real-world problems and, in doing so, provide simple, agile and elegant products that people love to use.

Focused on usability with a flair for user interface design and an understanding of the difference between the two.

Experienced product owner and certified scrum master biased towards a lean approach to product management combined with an agile approach to software development and delivery.

I foster community to generate ideas and encourage participation and  innovation.

Desley and David | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Co-founder of the gov2qld community of practice which brings together more than a thousand public servants and others in the government eco-system with a passion for innovative approaches to government service design and delivery. Organiser of GovCamp Queensland and judge for Hackfest Brisbane.

Former marketing director (voluntary) for Challenge for Change – an Australian Aid and Development organisation working with some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. Responsible for online marketing activities for Reid Anderton’s World Record Breaking solo cycle around Australia generating phenomenal reach uplift  through social media channels and significant funds for Challenge for Change.

Certified Public Participation Practitioner with a special interest in how online technology can deliver truly open and collaborative government and ultimately a more deliberative democracy.

I also recognise the importance of balance in life.

cfcFather to two amazing children; Husband to one amazing woman; Passionate about presentation design excellence; Organic gardener; Amateur photographer; Challenge Cyclist; Designer of a very cool Digger Bed for one of my sons.

I like to meet new people.

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The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer, the organisations I work with or my wife.



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