On Objective Connect – the right choice for the environment!

I was talking to a customer recently who is using Objective Connect to enable efficient sharing of information as part of day to day business scenarios within their government agency.


One of their initial scenarios is a familiar one – that of distributing papers to a number of committees, including the Board.

Most of the members of the various committees are external to the organisation and there were a number of headaches associated with distributing papers to the members ahead of the committee meetings.

In most cases, reports were printed out and distributed as physical copies.

One board would often print between 1 and 2 reams of paper for each member of the committee!

Obviously, this introduced significant cost in terms of the paper used (and the impact on the environment!), but also in terms of the lag in getting the reports to the committee members. As a result of this, they decided to go electronic and chose Connect as the solution.

Since they run multiple committees on a monthly basis, Connect is already providing them with quantifiable efficiencies … and providing a positive impact on the environment as well!


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