On Communicating Mind Boggling Stats

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I’m a sucker for statistics. Especially BIG statistics. Especially when related to things I’m passionate about.

I know many of you will have seen the Social Media Revolution and Did You Know? videos before. But some of you won’t have.

So I present them here partly because I was at a conference last week where the former was used to great effect in a presentation on the use of social media tools in government, and partly cos I wanted to listen to Fat Boy Slim just One More Time!

Incidentally, they are also a great case study in the ‘Picture Book’ presentation technique favoured by many adopting the Presentation Zen approach to great presentations.

Social Media Revolution

Watch on YouTube

Did You Know (version 4.0

Watch on YouTube

Did You Know (version .0

… and just for completeness, here’s my favourite: Did you Know? (3.0):

Watch on YouTube

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